We think teenagers are amazing; and we are all about helping them
to grow in their relationships with God and others, all while
having a great time and feeling like family!

Meeting Sunday mornings at 10:15 am.

Middle & High School Students

Ignite is a great place to come hang out with friends! Each week, we do a super fun game or activity that anyone can enjoy, no matter their skills. We love hanging out and having fun! Each week, we have an engaging, positive message from the Bible that applies to daily life. We follow that up with a special small group time where teens have the chance to talk about what they learned, what’s on their hearts, and how they can pray for each other. We love helping teens connect with God and grow in their faith!

We have special outreach events once a quarter, with an emphasis on inviting friends. We also offer weekend retreats and camping trips throughout the year, which can be life-changing as well as insanely fun!

Serving In Ingite

Two facts about teens: 1. Did you know that most people that come to Jesus do so before they turn 18? 2. It’s much harder to be a teen than to hang out with one, I promise! I can’t think of two better reasons to get involved in ignite Student Ministry!