Michael Craig

Associate Pastor of Outreach & Worship

I am so grateful to be a part of the Good News Community Church family! I grew up (figuratively speaking) in a detached two car garage that doubled as a neighborhood rock-n-roll venue. By venue, I mean there was loud music that came from that garage, at all times of the day, and the neighbors heard it…whether they liked it or not. Prior to those teenage years of all-day band rehearsals, Jesus had captured my heart and given me a lens to see life through. By that season of life, two of my heart’s desires were quite clear. I knew I wanted to be married (with a family) and I knew that I wanted to point people to Jesus through music. God has graciously granted me both.

I married my beautiful wife, Gloria, in 1997. We’ve since had five wonderful children: Wesley, Elijah, Isaiah, Lauren and Aly. I attended college at the University of Pembroke in North Carolina, but after teaching for a year, I decided to pursue other options. I worked in law enforcement, for over seven years, serving as an officer, a K9 officer and a detective. Having served in ministries from a young age, I moved into bi-vocational ministry from 2005 to 2008. In 2008 I left a career in law enforcement (that I genuinely enjoyed) in response to God’s clear drawing to full-time ministry.

Our family moved to Colorado in 2015 and this is where we call home. By that point, we’d wanted to live here for several years. We love to go off-roading and enjoy spending time in the mountains. Years into living here, we are still learning about new areas to explore. I’d love to hear about how you experience and enjoy this beautiful state!

I’ve had the privilege of serving in churches large and small across America. My experience has taken me through a wide array of responsibilities including the oversight and daily management of church organizations. Having served on multiple executive leadership teams, I embrace the full picture of church vision and culture. I believe that there in no true hope outside of Jesus and further believe that He uniquely achieves His goals through His people. If you’ve made it this far in my bio, you must be a pretty intentional person. You matter and you have a unique design in God’s Kingdom. Let’s talk sometime!